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Contact Lens Exams

Contact LensIf you are thinking of contact lenses, our doctors have had years of experience and advanced training in fitting even the most difficult cases. Often, people who've been told previously they could not wear contacts have been fit successfully in our office. We especially enjoy our expertise in fitting patients with dry eye.

We prescribe:

  • Daily and Monthly Soft Contact Lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
  • Astigmatic Contact Lenses
  • Color Contact Lenses
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses – even Astigmatism Bifocals
  • Hybrid contact lenses (contacts that are partly soft and partly hard for the best of both worlds)

We fit a large variety of contact lenses including:

  • Daily (best for children, allergies, and low maintenance)
    • Clearsight 1 Days (OSI)
    • Ciba Focus Dailies
    • Proclear Dailies
    • Focus Daily Toric
    • B&L SofLens Daily
    • B&L SofLens Daily Toric
    • Acuvue Moist 1-Day
  • Monthly
    • Purevision
    • Purevision 2
    • Proclear
    • Biofinity
    • Ciba Night and Day
  • Toric (Astigmatism)
    • Purevision Toric
    • Proclear Toric
    • Frequency 55 Toric
    • Soflens 66  Toric
    • Biofinity Toric
  • Multifocal (Bifocal)
    • Purevision
    • Soflens
    • Proclear
    • Air Optix Night and Day Multifocal
  • Multifocal Toric (astigmatism bifocal)
    • Proclear Multifocal Toric
  • Hybrid (best for high astigmatism)
    • Synergeyes

These are a small sample size of the contact lens that we fit.  We do not limit ourselves to this list.  We are dedicated to finding the best possible lens for each patient. Keep in mind that contact lens prescriptions must be update yearly. Contact us at (802) 524-9561 to request an appointment for a custom contact lens fitting.

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